Born and raised in the East Bay, Stu Briggs (Stu Breezy), has an ear for heat. If it’s a banger, DJ Stu Breezy will keep it on repeat and lock it in to his playlist. He has a filter for good music and always offers an unbiased critic. S. Breezy recalls discovering music through stumbling upon an A-track machine in his apartment in Berkeley, California as a child. It was an album from The Carpenters. His taste evolved from there. He bought a little red Walkman from K-Mart. Every night he’d lay on his bunk bed listening to MC Hammer. Other notable childhood musical influences include Janet Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, REM, Boyz II Men, Tupac Shakur, Del the Funky Homo Sapien, Lost Boyz, Guru, 3X Krazy, Sade, E-40, and Jodeci. The list is seemingly endless. Music continues to permeate DJ Stu Breezy’s daily life. From EDM to Contemporary Christian, Gospel to Jazz, African to Latin, Trap to Country, Stu keeps an ear to the street, always searching for that new heat to add to the collection.

Stuart Briggs

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