DJ Baby Boy has always had an ear for music growing up in San Francisco with his mother, who was a music junkie. From a young age, he absorbed the soulful music his grandparents used to sing and play such as The Temptations, The Isley Brothers and so much more. His first instrument he learned how to play was an electric guitar then shortly moved to bass and drums, about the time he was in high school, he took piano lessons. DJ Baby Boy wanted to widen his musical talents and it wasn’t until he had to do a school assignment where he had to produce a beat, using Garage Band. As he got better, he started focusing on producing, using programs such as, Logic Pro, Ableton Live 9, Reason and Pro Tools. Co-Hosting on DJ Kool Kev radio show on Saturdays, he’s starting his own specialty show called Westside Wednesday, where he’ll give the listeners the best and newest Hip-Hop from the West Coast. He is musically educated from different genres of music such as Soul, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hip, R&B, Old School Hip Hop, Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock N Roll, Funk. Punk and Classic Rock.

Baby Boy