DJ Up Next

DJ UpNext has always been curious-about all things and everything. That is a life of a Wonderer and Wanderer. Speaking of wandering her hobbies include hiking, learning, and exploring--you can spot her getting lost (in thought) or learning a new thing or two.
Growing up in the Bay Area she has had the opportunity to listen to a variety of artist and genres. DJ UpNext will admit she is a sucker for crooners and power ballads (Celine Dion). Though she won't hesitate to take it all the way back to her childhood and play some songs from Mr. Rogers!
Though DJ UpNext wishes she could share her long and storied radio career. She first was introduced to radio personalities and the possibility of working in radio through Bayside Radio.
Wake up with DJ UpNext Thursday mornings from 8-10AM. Who knows what to expect with the Thursday Morning Mix.