DJ Stratos

Hello hello everyone, DJ Stratos here. As a long time musician and possible audiophile, I play a mix of old and new to hopefully add some spice to your sound.
I’ve been invested in music for many years, whether it was listening to various artists as I grew up to learning to play multiple instruments and singing, music has always been an important part of my life. I’ve done many performances on stage throughout the years, including a chance to perform with the Oakland Symphony. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve studied composition so that I can write my own music to be played for the world to hear. I am checking out radio and DJing to see where it takes me since it lets me do what I am familiar with while still learning something new on the technical side. Who knows, I might find myself working to move up further if I decide to keep going.
It is nice that radio lets me share the music I enjoy and have a voice to put out to people willing to listen. I hope to introduce people to music they might have not heard of before and eventually have guests come onto the show to talk about various topics. Although that will be something to wait and see, so until then, stay safe and peace out!