Mystic Mandy

Hi I’m Amanda and I try to keep the listeners entertained by playing interesting new songs for the uninitiated.
This is my first venture into the music/DJ role, however I’ve been obsessed with music since I was a kid. I was told I was a very loud child and I’ve been singing in my bedroom for as long as I can remember. I think how my music journey began was with my dad’s love for musicals which then became my love for musicals, the freeness the people in those movies felt when they burst into song enticed me to want to sing too. Music is one of my passions because of the feeling it gives me, whenever I put on the right song affecting my mood for the day. Or even improving it if I’m struggling a little, music always brings me joy. My influences are movies, I particularly love horror movies so the craftsmanship that goes into the score in most horror films is something I truly admire. A goal of mine is to play music that is eerie and haunting just like the songs heard in my favorite movies. I haven’t achieved much in terms of name recognition or anything like that, but I do think overall I have achieved a lot in my life just by being here and being happy. I’m currently focusing almost all of my time on school and work, and I also help with the film department at Chabot quite regularly.
I’m almost done with community college and my future will hopefully be full of gaining more knowledge on the things I love. I hope I can bring people some happiness with the music I play and the movies I recommend since those two mediums are a huge staple in my life. I’m just excited to be doing something that gets me out of my comfort zone.