DJ Edible Effect

DJ VBO is no more DJ Edible Effect is in your system bring you a variety of musical senses you didn’t know existed

My DJ name was made on a randomizer just yesterday but music has been a part of me my whole life. Being introduced to music like any other Filipino kid through singing and then playing trombone in middle school, then I would learn about taste and genre through family and friends. I was more selective with my choice of music when growing older through middle and high school. I never thought about music as a career until coming to Chabot and the Mass Communications program and meeting the people here at the school and the people that made up the station and how much work and dedication it takes to be able to find the will to wake up in the early morning to grab the attention of driving and commuting listeners.

My current love for music is through my variety of international, American and local music that I am listening to. I am currently trying to establish and find time to pilot and start my podcast on anything pop culture, video games, comics and collecting culture are just some of the topics that would be discussed. I don’t know what the future of radio holds for me but I hope it leads me through an amazing life experience with music that I will still love to this day.