Hi! My name is Diana Osaulenko, or DJ DI , the girl who was born and raised in Ukraine. I grew up with a passion for music since I was very little, always listening to songs on TV and Radio while dancing. People always say that I have a very good taste of music and good sense of rhythm, so there is no problem to find the good songs for the right occasions and events.
Once I have started to dance Latin, I realized that there is something unique that always make people start moving their bodies and cheering them up. So, my mom seeing me that I have a great interest in singing as well, she bought a microphone for me at the age 9 and kid DJ set, so at that time I have started to work on music, creating my own beats.
Music and Djing became a huge part of my life! I believe that music is healing and make our lives happier! I am still obsessed with Latin modern music and so I play ´´Tribal House Music´´ on Radio station and DJing at parties a lot, as well as dancing! This is a subgenre of house music which combines traditional house music with world music including variety of instrumentals. I love playing this type of music because it makes dance everyone even those who do not know how to dance! Believe me, once you have listened it will become your top favorite top songs on the list!
Currently I am working at the radio station KCRH 89.9 FM The East Bay Best Variety, as well as Djing at events as party busses, private celebrations, and social club’s dancing. Eager to play my best music for you.